Green star Social Marketing (GSM) organized an International Women`s Day Bicycle Ride celebrating the women who inspire, drive innovation, create magic and make an impact every single day.

GSM, whose existence is centered on women health and well-being, like every year, recognized the Women`s Health Day occasion as an opportunity to raise awareness on women`s health, especially among the young women in Pakistan. This year with the theme of & Choose to Challenge. GSM applauds its workers' hard work & dedication, especially the sitarabaji`s LHWs who continued their efforts in the tough COVID-19 times. It is up to us to create a gender-equal world & take action for gender parity.

About 150 women from different walks of life participated in the IWD Bicycle ride, where the women were Appreciated for their valuable contributions to a healthy female population towards nation-building and socio- Economic sustainability. The CEO of GSM – Dr Syed Azizur Rab, stated that`s The event was a roaring success as we received an overwhelming response from women of all ages. We also thank the other key stakeholders, including; Academia, the media, the civil society and the relevant governmental institutions, who have promised to Extend every possible support to enable more empowerment and healthy nurturing of our female Population.

GSM has been operating as the largest private-sector institution to improve Pakistan`s reproductive health- services for the past 30 years. It inspires the population by voluntarily delivering safe & reliable, quality Contraceptive products at affordable prices and delivering valuable family planning information. GSM acts as An independent member of the global network`s Population Services International' (PSI). It has contributed 12% to 15% yearly to the national`s Couple Years of Protection' (CYPs). GSM has established a nationwide network of 6,000 plus private-providers, engaging over 100,000 pharmacies & retailers, supported by over 400 Field staff members.