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Google has launched a new feature that allows users to check the correct pronunciation of words by relying on artificial intelligence.

Thanks to this feature, a user who searches for the correct pronunciation method can interact with the microphone, and when he utters the word, Google will analyze the way it is spoken.

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At a later stage, the user will receive an assessment of the pronunciation method, so as to determine the compatibility with the “Proper Pronunciation” offered by the search engine “Google” for the word.

One of the benefits of this feature is that it guides the user to the wrong place, indicating the letter that was not spoken properly, and when this default is overcome, Google confirms that the pronunciation is quite accurate.

The service was launched on Friday, but it is still in beta, and is only available on mobile phones, according to our correspondent.

This feature includes English only, the American accent in particular, and Spanish will soon be available.

On the other hand, Google is working on the development of the translation service, through a feature that shows the image of the translated word.

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For example, if a user wants to translate the word “Naranja” from Spanish to English, he or she will get “Orange” along with the image of orange, but this feature is limited only to words describing material objects, but abstract meanings will not appear in images besides the translated content.