DEW MOTO EXTREME – Pakistan’s Biggest Stunt Show

DEW MOTO EXTREME - Pakistan’s biggest stunt show

Dew Moto Extreme, Pakistan’s largest motorcar stunt show has come to Pakistan their nationwide stunt show, this event brings internationally-renowned stunt drivers to perform across Pakistan and action-packed events jam-packed with celebrities, music, and jaw-dropping death-defying stunts.

Initiating their fifth season in Karachi on September 21 to a packed crowd of 10,000 evangelistic spectators, the show has gone on to dazzle crowds of 8,000 in Multan and a capacity crowd of 15,000 crazy fans in Gujranwala last week.

Stunt enthusiasts nationwide can catch succeeding installments of Dew Moto Extreme in Islamabad on October 6 and Lahore on October 12.


Dew Moto Extreme brings stunt drivers from across the globe to Pakistan to preform, Lighting the fearless spirit required for fulfillment through their tagline #DarrKeAageyJeetHai. that includes death-defying stunts impressed by movies by Die Hard, Salt, Fast and Furious, Baby Driver and Red, performed by internationally-renowned Dew Daredevil stunt drivers.

DEW MOTO EXTREME options international stunt superstars Dallan Goldman, Fredrick “Frog” Bergren and Nick De Witts on FMX bikes, and South Africa’s “Queen of Smoke” spinner Stacey Lee May, moreover as Mike Skelton and Jim McFarlane drifting.

Indeed, Karachi’s show featured special cameos from actors Nadia Hussain and Bilal Ashraf, got first-hand expertise of the show by sitting within the cars throughout the stunts!

For its fifth edition, Dew Moto Extreme kickstarted its 1st show in Karachi on September 21st hospitable 10,000 people, followed by Multan on September 26th that was crowded by 8,000 citizens; even Gujranwala event was attended and enjoyed by 15,000 people.

So far, we’ve got seen wild stunts being performed by the internationally notable stuntmen and women!

The condensation daredevil’s aka Dallan Goldman, Fredrick Frog Bergren and Nick Delaware Witt on FMX bikes, Stacey Lee might, electro-acoustic transducer Skelton and Jim McFarlane on cars have flaunted the fervor that Mountain Dew is already far-famed for.

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The Dew daredevils literally flew with their bikes over a 22-meter ramp, we’re talking serious gravity-defying tornado of smoke vogue stunts. You can’t begin to imagine the energy on the bottom. With an adrenaline rush like none alternative, crowd sitting on the edge of their seats unbroken maturation for the Dew athletes asking for more, imagine twelve thousand people rooting on the highest of their lungs!

For all those neurotransmitter junkies wanting to get in on the action, Dew Moto Extreme are going to be in Islamabad on October 6th and Lahore on October 12th. you’ll be able to also follow along with all the thrill on social media by following #DewMotoExtreme.