Corona Vaccine preparation will take a year: WHO

Corona Vaccine preparation will take a year: WHO

Geneva (AP) World Health Organization Director General Tedros has said that no country can fight alone against the Corona virus, it may take at least 12 months to develop a new Corona virus vaccine.

We also acknowledge the urgent need of treatment for patients and the need for medication to save their lives during this period.

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The World Health Organization’s director general told reporters at a video conference in Geneva via video conference that millions of people worldwide have been affected by quad-19 while thousands have died.

The director general said that this is a global tragedy, he called the number tragic and said that we have to remember that millions of people around the world have succeeded in getting rid of the disease.

He said that the supply of essential equipment to the people belonging to the department of medicine is a serious problem that we all have to resolve unilaterally. We have sent around two million safety equipment to 74 countries.

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More than 60 countries are preparing for their departure, the vaccine preparation will still take 12 to 18 months, so the World Health Organization urges individuals and countries to refrain from trying unproven therapies against the virus.